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This literary genre came to us from the 16th century. Born under the pen of the great Michel Montaigne in his “Experiments”, he still loses popularity. From the French “essay” is a “sketch”. Those who read the essays of the true masters of the word will never confuse them with other works. The main features of the essay:

  • there is no usual plot construction and clear composition;
  • the focus is on one particular thought or problem;
  • figurative expression of the author’s opinion, description of his feelings, worldview, and reflections on a specific issue;
  • compressed size – within 4 pages of printed text;
  • style of the narrative is scientific; a logical justification of the conclusions is required.

An essay is surely asked to write in a school or university, because it develops creative thinking and teaches to translate your thoughts on paper. Some companies, before accepting a candidate for a certain position, ask him or her to write an essay in order to assess the potential and ability to structure information. Writing a stylistically and compositionally high-grade work is not given to everyone. If you can’t get an essay on a given topic, you can contact the experts.

How to order the essay in write essay service?

To obtain high-quality material, you need to correctly draw up a technical task (description). This is somewhat inapplicable to a literary work, but with a correctly written assignment, the author is always clearer – what is required as a result, and what paper would suit the customer. And if it becomes necessary to correct the final paper, then it will be “repelled”. How a properly composed assignment to the author may look like:

  • the actual and clear subject of the future material is indicated;
  • consent to the author’s presentation of the material, with its own conclusions and ideas;
  • providing the necessary minimum of facts on the topic, and near-thematic
  • personal materials, if the customer needs it;
  • final vision of future paper recommendations and wishes.

Terms of implementation

After placing an order on site of write my essay service, with the agreed parameters and preliminary structure, the customer receives a list of the rights that he has with respect to the future material and his order as a whole, namely:

  • price negotiation, and reasoned explanations of the cost structure;
  • by what criteria the paper will be evaluated, with the involvement of third-party experts, reviewers;
  • providing a list of resources to verify the uniqueness of the material, as well as screenshots of the process and the result of the check (if necessary, in the case of publication on the Internet of future work, for quick indexing by search engines);
  • possible options to not pay for the finished paper performer;
  • the ability to pay for the execution of the paper in stages, with the introduction of an advance and subsequent surcharge on the fact that the order of the essay is ready.

How to place an order?

The order in write my essay for me service can be quickly placed on the site of the artist (author) by filling out a simple form for informational circulation, which will allow determining the preliminary cost of the essay and the terms of writing. After receiving preliminary data, the contractor will contact the customer for the final decision of all details of the order.

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